Hello folks.

In my busy life, I try to prepare as many little meals and snacks for myself as possible, even if I use shortcuts (i.e. canned foods or snacks) to help “fill” in the meals and save time. My philosophy is that we should strive to make our own foods and know what’s in them, but also not be so insane that we spend too much time prepping every little thing.

As such, I hesitate to call these “recipes”, because by most standards they are not gourmet and luxurious like most other recipes you find elsewhere. However, if you are short on time and are also trying to prepare more of your own food without spending too much time on it, consider taking some of these recipes and modifying them to your own needs, focusing more on the concept of being creative and creating simple food combinations, rather than being dead-set on a certain recipe. I think and hope they will help serve you in making your life a more simple and healthy one that also leaves your pocketbook with extra money to spend on other more important things in life!

Happy prepping!

Three-ingredient chicken salad

Cauliflower crust pizza

Healthy snack ideas:

Grocery snag: cottage cheese

Grocery snag: organic granola bars & almonds

Healthier deserts