There are several ways to find premium and organic healthy items for substantially lower costs by using resources available to all of us.

Some of these resources I use regularly are:

1. is a great company, in my opinion, because they are similar to an for healthy eating. While Amazon may carry substantially more food items on their online store, Vitacost offers regular discounts and savings that Amazon does not offer. Among their discounts include 20% off all food orders (every so often), 10-12% off entire orders (including supplements and other products), and always free shipping for all orders over $49 (or over $25 if you are ordering Vitacost brand products). Their online store is easy to use and gives plenty of information including in-depth nutrition facts, ingredients, and customer reviews, which are very helpful in determining whether a product is right for you. I strongly recommend using this service to purchase certain non-fresh items (i.e. organic peanut butter, nuts/seeds, canned tomato sauce, veggie chips, etc. . .). Check it out for yourself here.

2. Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet is a great business model, in my opinion, because it provides customers with lower cost brand items from companies who need to remove overstock, close-to-expired, or mislabeled packaged items from their offerings. This not only saves us and them money, but likely reduces global food waste. Read my full post on this retailer here.

Search for one in your area.