Eating Healthy on a Budget

how to nourish your body without starving your wallet



Eating intuitively

A practice for improving intuition and how to know what to feed your body: Continue reading “Eating intuitively”


Gratitude for health

Not only can gratitude be practiced (especially during this season) to achieve greater mental health, but gratitude can be practiced within our food consumption habits as well. Continue reading “Gratitude for health”

Enjoying coconut milk

Want a delicious dairy-free, creamy, sweet, filling beverage that you can enjoy without guilt? Look no further than incorporating coconut milk into your diet. Continue reading “Enjoying coconut milk”


Have you ever had those delicious sweet-spicy ginger strips included with sushi you buy at the market? I find it to be quite a delicious condiment, and since ginger has a whole host of health benefits, it’s a food that many of us would do well to incorporate more of into our diet.

Continue reading “Ginger”

Fasting and feasting

We all recognize that our homes need to be cleaned every so often. Less often though we think about cleaning our body-house – the one we have to live in 24/7! Continue reading “Fasting and feasting”

Eating smart


Welcome to Isaac’s blog about how to take care of your body with good and tasty food on a budget. Have an excuse for not eating healthy food because you aren’t able to afford it? Not any more!

On this blog you will find a variety of tips and tricks from me – someone who has studied nutrition and is interested in optimizing well-being. I believe though that food should ultimately be a tool to serve us in our higher pursuits; in other words, we should eat to live, not live to eat. Continue reading “Eating smart”

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