Eating Healthy on a Budget

how to nourish your body without starving your wallet



What is Grocery Outlet?

Grocery Outlet is a discount grocery store that often sources products from manufacturers who have overstock, items close to their expiration date, or items which have a misprint or mistake on the label and need to be sold at lower prices. Continue reading “What is Grocery Outlet?”


Grocery snag of the week

While dairy products may not be suitable for everyone, cottage cheese is amongst one of the best for those who can consume it due to it’s high protein content and low sugar (lactose) content. Unfortunately most cottage cheese you find at the stores contains unnecessary additives and flavorings.

Continue reading “Grocery snag of the week”

Grocery snag of the week

Hello all.

Every week I will be sharing with you a bargain I have found at my local Grocery Outlet. For those who don’t know, Grocery Outlet is a bargain market that buys overstocked and near-expiration items from wholesalers who then passes these low prices onto us consumers. Continue reading “Grocery snag of the week”

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