Not only can gratitude be practiced (especially during this season) to achieve greater mental health, but gratitude can be practiced within our food consumption habits as well.

Science has shown that gratitude not only brings immense psychological helps, but helps the body physically as well. Just think about all of those warm fuzzy feelings you get when you radiate such a positive vibration. All of that ooey-gooey love coursing through your heart no doubt (in my mind) makes it’s way to the cells and physically changes and improves their performance.

It’s no doubt then that this scientifically-backed practice of gratitude that can help people love again, overcome addictions, and improve their overall quality of life, can also be used in our food habits. Why not?!

So next time you are at the dinner table and you see a delicious mass of food before a hungry stomach ready to go in for the kill, take a moment at least and savor the flavor of how lucky you are to be even receiving such food. How many people would kill for even just a bite of what you are eating! Now I am not trying to guilt you, but just to conceive of this notion brings a sense of humility and helps us enjoy our food more.

Speaking of enjoying food more, eating slowly (and savoring each bite) has immense health benefits in itself, so try this next time you eat. By eating consciously we will bring greater health, awareness, and vitality into all of our body cells and our mind. I am sure you will find benefit from it.