Hello friends.

This is going to be a simple resource for you salad-eaters out there. Good for you guys and gals for doing your due diligence to your body!

At my local Grocery Outlet this week, I snagged:

  1. (Left) A whole pound of organic baby spinach for $3.99 (usually $5.99)
  2. (Right) Three organic romaine lettuce hearts for 99 cents! Yes, 99 cents!

Also, last week, I found a wonderful snack item on heavy discount.


Kale chips. I know, so cheesy for me to share kale chips with you. They are so 2015.

Want to know what’s not cheesy? These “cheezy chipotle” kale chips are usually $5-6 in your local Whole Foods. I found them for $3 at Grocery Outlet.


How’s that for a healthy bargain of a snack?

Get out there and get your spinach and your lettuce on friends. Or if you’re lazy about it like me, break open a bag of kale chips for a delicious snack. Either, way it’s a win-win for you and your bank account!