Hello good people. We eat well. We have to take care of these cumbersome bodies by consistently preparing food for them to function properly. When do we get a little rest from it all?

When we get to dessert, I say. But most deserts unfortunately are garbage.

This one, however, is different. Introducing a common dessert-staple for me:



These are a delicious treat to have when you are craving a little something sweet and coco-nutty.

Here is part of why I am sharing them with you. Just take a look at the ingredients:


Practically just coconut, almonds, maple syrup, coconut oil, and flavors from nature (not “natural flavors”!)

How is that for a good ingredient list?

The best part of these is that they are only $3-4 at my local Grocery Outlet for each bag. They are very rich and sweet so usually one or two does the trick! A bag of 8 for ~3 means each premium morsel is about 30-40 cents. How’s that for a cheap, healthy, and filling desert?

There are other wonderful products like this out there that incorporate real foods into deserts with mindful amounts of sugar (from natural sources like maple syrup), so keep your eyes peeled out there!

We should take care of our bodies and feed them well, but when it comes dessert time, we deserve a treat like this, don’t we?

Keep some of these (and some other healthy desserts on hand so an ice-cream binge doesn’t happen (too often)! 🙂

Besides your local Grocery Outlet (if you have one), here’s another good resource for buying healthy desserts for cheap online:


Good luck.