Have you ever had those delicious sweet-spicy ginger strips included with sushi you buy at the market? I find it to be quite a delicious condiment, and since ginger has a whole host of health benefits, it’s a food that many of us would do well to incorporate more of into our diet.

Unfortunately sushi ginger likely has coloring, preservatives, and possibly artificial flavors included in it.

Fortunately for us, “the ginger people” brand offers organic grated, sushi, or minced ginger; the minced is a sweet ginger puree, the grated is finely chopped in long strips, and the sushi ginger has mimicked the commercial sushi ginger quite well in my opinion. Each only contains a few ingredients, including organic ginger, sugar, and rice vinegar. While ginger can be very intense, the light sweetness and sourness from the sugar and vinegar makes it palatable and enjoyable, and the simplicity of popping open the lid (rather than painstakingly peeling ginger) makes including this wonderful root in your diet a breeze! This can be easily added to any meal for extra spiciness, sweetness, or flavoring. Sometimes I even eat a spoonful of this stuff with any meal to improve my digestion.


While ginger is something that should be enjoyed ideally by preparing the root yourself, my encouragement to you is to enjoy this food even if you do not have the time or would prefer not to spend the time preparing it from scratch. My philosophy is that if the time-consuming task of preparation prevents us from enjoying a beneficial food, then to indulge in the canned option is not a negative, rather it is a positive because without the canned option we may not include it in our diets at all. I am personally not a fan of spending so much time scraping away to peel ginger; I love the fact that I can take a spoonful of this and eat it as it is or as a side on a meal. It makes it easy to incorporate such a great food in my diet so often without any fuss.

With all of it’s health benefits, including digestive benefits for those with sensitive digestion, this may also be a great condiment for you to include. Now if ginger is not your thing, I understand. It is definitely a spicy herb, and everyone reacts differently to it.

If you have the time to prepare it yourself, kudos to you. If you are in a rush, consider adding each one of the three types to your regimen and you may be pleasantly surprised. Don’t forget, vitacost also offers 10-15% and sometimes 20% off all food items. So see if you can snag these gingers during one of those sales!

I hope you’ll find that this easy solution for ginger on-command makes your life even spicier than it already is!