It’s Monday. It’s another week. And as usual there seems to be a lack of time. I think and hope this quick, extremely simple “recipe” (if you can call it that) will help you out in prepping some meals when you are in this position next.

If you are looking for a lavish, gourmet, beautiful-looking salad, then I am sorry, you will have to look elsewhere. While I think there is value in taking time to make our food look beautiful and like lots of thought and care was put into it (especially if preparing it for someone else), the focus of this post is purely for simplicities’ and times’ sake for preparing food for ourselves in our busy lifestyle, while still being palatable and healthy.

So here we go. As always, I will encourage you to add whatever options you’d like to add (i.e. olives, olive oil, mustard, etc…), but these three ingredients will be the simple base that takes only minutes to assemble.


Step one: Procure some delicious lettuce (red leaf, green leaf, or romaine lettuces are three very delicious and nutrient-dense options). I used red leaf in this preparation.

Step two: Boil some chicken in soup or salted water. Alternatively you can use some turkey or tuna from a can if you are really in a rush.

Step three: Add canned tomatoes.

That’s it folks. Very simple and minimalistic. Yes, it does use canned tomatoes, and canned tuna if you choose to. Some health connoisseurs might condemn me to eternal hell for such a prescription, but I am an idealist, a realist, and a relativist. While I believe we should strive for perfection, when we are living in this world we have to make choices. My rational for making these shortcuts is this: by choosing canned healthy foods (i.e. tomatoes, tuna. . .), we are at least consuming more nutritious food than “fresh” junk food (i.e. junk fast food that was supposedly prepared “fresh”. . . like Subway.) By including fresh lettuce, we can balance out the other shortcuts we take too.

With a simple base salad with nutritious fresh lettuce and chicken, this is a healthier place to start than most pre-packaged salads you’ll find, and if you make the chicken and prepare the lettuce in bulk, you can supply yourself with salads or lettuce wraps for the whole week for a fraction of the cost! Truly an easy way to bring along healthy lunch with you! Just add some sea salt, olive oil, mustard, or orange or lemon juice, or other simple dressings and you will be well on your way to living more simply, economically, and healthfully!


Hope this little tidbit helps!