Grocery Outlet is a discount grocery store that often sources products from manufacturers who have overstock, items close to their expiration date, or items which have a misprint or mistake on the label and need to be sold at lower prices.

This is great news for both these companies and us the consumers. Those companies get to reduce profit loss and us consumers get to buy these products for less than we may find them elsewhere (such as a Safeway, Lucky’s, or Whole Foods, etc).

However, because Grocery Outlet sources much of it’s items opportunistically (meaning whenever and wherever they can find bargains), you may not find the same products or deals every time you pay them a visit. Consequently, going to Grocery Outlet is somewhat like playing the food lottery. The chances are high that you’ll find some great items; sometimes I have found some usually expensive, premium organic items (which you may see at Whole Foods) going for half or even a quarter of the price, sometimes just because there was a small typo on the package! Other times however, I have walked away with only a few items.

I think that even though it may not cover all of our needs, Grocery Outlet and other outlets are truly a great resource and business model, as it provides us customers a chance to save money and gives companies a chance to outlet products that may otherwise go to waste. So if you have the time, take a trip every so often and see what you can do to serve both your health and pocketbook.

Happy hunting!

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