While dairy products may not be suitable for everyone, cottage cheese is amongst one of the best for those who can consume it due to it’s high protein content and low sugar (lactose) content. Unfortunately most cottage cheese you find at the stores contains unnecessary additives and flavorings.

Additionally, most cottage cheese is not made from organic or properly-treated cows fed their natural diet (which affects the vitamin content of their milk). The few brands I have come across that are organic are usually very expensive. . . so what is one to do?

Keep your eyes out on the lookout for high quality dairy at discount stores! This brand of organic, grass-fed cottage cheese (Good Culture, which I have seen at Whole Foods for a high price) I found instead for $0.99 each at Grocery Outlet. As it is a single serving (can be split up into 2 or 3 servings as well), it is a great protein-filled snack for when on-the-go as well. With 19 grams of protein and 3 grams of sugar, and 6 grams of fat from organic cream mixed in, it will help satiate and nourish you for less than the price of most junk-filled foods. Mix in a little honey or have it on toast, crackers, or have it with a meal and it will be sure to nourish you.

While you may not find this exact brand at your local discount outlet (such as Grocery Outlet or Smart ’n Final), this is just one more reason I encourage you to occasionally visit these stores to see what you can find. Eating high quality organic dairy does not have to be just for the dairy bourgeoisie. You too can enjoy good health and good quality and support companies using more natural practices while still paying lower prices. All it takes is a little initiative to make a field trip to your local discount store and if you find a discounted high-quality brand product like this, be sure to stock up! As long as the best by date is some time away, don’t be afraid to look a little bit crazy at the check out line!

Happy shopping!