Hello all.

Every week I will be sharing with you a bargain I have found at my local Grocery Outlet. For those who don’t know, Grocery Outlet is a bargain market that buys overstocked and near-expiration items from wholesalers who then passes these low prices onto us consumers. I think this is a great business model because it creates a marketplace for food that may otherwise go to waste; not only does this benefit our environment by creating an outlet for near-expired food, but it benefits us by allowing us to find some great items at sometimes very low costs! This does mean however that they may not have every brand or food item every time you visit (as their supply fluctuates) and it does mean that some items may be closer to their expiration date than if you were to look in a Safeway or Whole Foods. If you are like me though and can find ways to be creative in whichever foods “present” themselves to you when you walk into a Grocery Outlet. I can guarantee you that you will be able to create fresh, organic meals or find healthy and convenient snacks that may otherwise cost you much more at other stores.

But let’s start simple this first week.

Life is so complex that sometimes we just do not have time to cook or prepare food. It would be nice to be able to, but packaged snacks are necessary when we are very busy. Most cheap snacks you see in the markets are devoid of any nutrition and have many unnecessary ingredients. So what is someone who lives on granola bars and peanut butter to do if they are on a budget? Voila!:


Now these little granola bars may not be the most nutritious things in the world, but I figure that if one is going to eat sugar-coated, peanut butter-filled granola bars,  choosing organic ones may not be a bad choice, especially considering they are just as cheap if not cheaper than the non-organic, garbage-laden brands. This box of organic peanut butter granola bars usually goes for $3-4 at other stores. I snagged them for 97 cents. This is but one of many examples of small ways to improve our health on a budget. If we are going to buy processed package food, might as well get the organic one for cheaper, right?

So what’s the catch? Their “best by” date was 7 days from when I bought them.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take my chances on an “expired” granola bar if it means I’m getting 75% off their price. Not only that, I can delude myself into thinking they’re healthy, and they may have gone to waste otherwise. It’s a win-win!


Add some gourmet (ume-plum vinegar covered) almonds which usually go for $4-5 online but were snagged for 99 cents also and you can make an almond granola party happen in your mouth.

You can disregard my strange food combinations if you wish. Nonetheless, I will guarantee you that you may find many organic and expensive brands like these for a very low price in Grocery Outlet. All it takes is a little time to look, and then stock up. I think you’ll find it a great resource.

Happy snacking!